Make Your Mother Proud With A Mother’s Day Gift That Shows Your Shared Values

This is my son, Ashok, during one our trips to our hometown in Goa, India.

One of the most precious gifts I ever received did not come in a gift
box and required me to get up at the crack of dawn. My strapping
teenage son surprised me by coming up with a very special present: he
made a donation in my name to the National Breast Cancer Organization. And he signed us both up for the 5K walk in Chicago. I was proud to participate in such a worthy cause. And I was proud of my son for his generosity and values.

This year, maybe you can surprise your mother or special someone with a gift of meaning, hope and goodwill. A gift of MarketPlace raffle
tickets has so many dimensions. It will give your mother a chance to
win this wonderful quilt, the product of many loving hands, both in India and the U.S. And through your purchase, you and your mother will be part of a wider movement that is changing the lives of women, children and communities halfway around the world. This Mother’s Day, you can celebrate mothers from around the world. And you won’t have to get up at 5 a.m.

Tickets are $20, or you can purchase 6 for $100. You might also
consider giving your mother something from our collection of clothing, accessories and home interiors. Visit us at

Pushpika Freitas
President, MarketPlace: Handwork of India

The quilt spans the ocean: it was made by many hands, both in India and here in America. Purchase a raffle ticket to give your mother a chance to win and the opportunity to be part of a larger movement empowering women around the world.

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