Seeding Change and Building Independent Leaders


The cooperatives of the artisans who sew and embroider all of MarketPlace: Handwork of India’s products are separate entities and it is our ultimate wish to see them established as totally independent businesses, able to make their own contracts and plans. In a way, MarketPlace is the incubator for these new enterprises. So it was with joy that we recently celebrated the graduation of Ghar Udyog, which was the very first producer group established with SHARE. Ziabhai, the pioneering leader of the group, expressed a need and an interest to break off and be independent: “I have worked with SHARE for the last twenty two years. It is time for me to be on my own and explore new markets. There is also a need to create space for new entrepreneurs and new artisans in the MarketPlace network.” This is the first group to graduate, but over the last twenty five years SHARE has experienced the graduation of many individual artisans. These artisans joined SHARE and learnt to sew, embroider, manage business, combat social problems and above all they learnt to improve the quality of their life. They graduated to better opportunities and we are proud of them.

One of our alumnae, Prabha Solanki, works as the Centre In-Charge of a care home for children suffering with cancer. While in SHARE, she participated in various social action initiatives and discovered that she had an interest in social development and also the talents to contribute in this field. Prabha and the many others who have moved out of SHARE make us realize the need to reach out to more and more women.

On 23rd November 2009 we inaugurated Umang, our newest producer group.

I share these developments with you all with great hope and positivity. New projects and ventures are signs that our programs are working. We hope for your good wishes for both our new group and the continued success of all our graduates.

Blog written by Nooreen Dossa, Asst Director, SHARE
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