Meet Shashikala

Shashikala was still a teenager when she got married.  The children came one after another, and within a short time she was a mother to five children.

She had barely learned to adjust to the daily struggles that life had to offer when her husband died.  There was no one else  to support her, and her life plunged into despair. Her brother-in-law wanted her to leave the house and her mother-in-law also supported him. They tried to cheat her in many ways, because she was uneducated and was not able to fight for her rights.

In those dark days, Shashikala made herself a promise:  in spite of everything, she would make sure that her children got educated and were able to take care of themselves. She enrolled them in school. One day, while she was accompanying them to school she met a lady who was working with SHARE. This artisan helped Shashikala join the income-generation program of SHARE. Shashikala became an artisan in Nirmaan group and started earning money. She was now able to support her children and their needs.  Now her two daughters are studying as well as working. The eldest daughter is happily married .The eldest son has completed his education and is looking for a job. The youngest son is still studying in school.

She has faced the difficulties of life with great courage and confidence and is respected in the community for her sincerity and hard work.

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