Update from Global Dialogue Leaders

Today I scheduled this meeting to continue the discussion on inflation we began in an earlier session. At that time the artisans decided that they would explore the market to find out the difference in the cost of basic grocery items which are available in everyday local shops verses the selling prices in large malls. They compared the costs of staple items such as, oil, wheat, sugar, rice and lentils. Nitu from Sahara had learned about some differences in prices in the local market compared to the mall rates. She enthusiastically shared her findings with the Global Dialogue leaders with a chart detailing the specifics:

 Items Rate at local markets Rate at malls Price/ Rate


Oil 60/- Rs per ltr 49/- Rs per ltr 11/-Rs
Sugar 37/- Rs per Kilo 35/- Rs per Kilo 2/- Rs
Rice 45/- Rs Per kilo 40/- Rs Per kilo 5/- Rs
Wheat 25/- Rs Per kilo 20/- Rs per kilo 5/- Rs
Dal 98/- Rs per kilo 95/- Rs per kilo 3/- Rs
Total difference 26/- Rs

The leaders discussed how skyrocketing prices have made it more and more difficult to survive. Almost everyone is having trouble making ends meet. Meera said (jokingly but realistically): “Even if we want to buy poison to kill ourselves, the price of poison will be so high that we cannot even afford that.”

Rekha added, “To buy food for a family of 4 people we require a minimum of Rs 300/- per day, and that is not for a very lavish spread of food, but just a simple, bare minimum, basic meal.”

Vimla also shared, “When I think of the expenses now, I feel as if I will get a heart attack, as expenses are increasing by the day but our monthly income is not. We all have to manage our houses on the same small amount, and it’s hard to know how and where we can cut down our expenses.”

Bharati suggested, “Maybe we can take up this particular issue with the Social Action leaders. Perhaps we could write the government or organize a rally at the government office. Maybe that could be of some benefit.”

The Global Dialogue leaders decided to identify five women from their respective groups who will further explore the problems that they are facing due to the price hikes. Their writings will also include some ideas to address this problem.

Date: 17th November 2009
Venue:  Hanumab Tekadi
Session facilitated by: Prajakta Sawant, Program Coordinator, SHARE
Attended by: Snehaaz, Nitu, Rekha, Nanda- WARE, Pushpa, Nanda-Pushpanjali, Meera, Bharati, Vimla and Amravati
Blog written by: Nooreen Dossa, Asst Director, SHARE

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