Cherish the People Around You

This quarter our focus was on reaching out to our buyers and well-wishers and creating a stronger bond with them.  This has made for a fairly hectic two months as we investigated various ways to do this.

We have been working on a film about SHARE, the artisans, and their lives. Our attempt is to capture the various facets of the artisans’ lives on camera. We want to show their challenges and the ways these have influenced their lives and the lives of people around them.  We are very fortunate to have with us now Annabel and Jennifer, students of the Film and Media department from the Oregon State University.  Ann and Jenni were introduced to us by India Study Abroad Centre (ISAC), who organize exposure visits, internships and on-job training for international students in media and health.

Because Ann and Jenni did not speak the local language, Vidya from ISAC was their official translator.  I have known Vidya a long time as we studied in the same graduate college. On 27th October, we had a meeting with all the artisans to interview them to find out what SHARE meant to them.  The women were asked to express their feelings in one word.

“Support, help, family, happiness, experience, challenge, courage, inspiration, honor, joy, life, confidence” were some of the words that the artisans used to describe SHARE.  Their quotes have been recorded and filmed.  Vidya conducted the interviews, and she made it really easy for the women to share their true feelings.

Only 4 days later I received a terrible phone call.  Ann was calling to let us know that Vidya had passed away.  She had contracted malaria and it had proved fatal as it was not treated in time.

I was grief-stricken, and it was with a heavy heart that I shared the news with the artisans.  They were absolutely shocked.  Vidya was with them just last week and had created a bond with them, and it was difficult to fathom her untimely demise.  The women prayed for her soul and talked about how they had created such a bond with Vidya even in the short time they had shared.

We request each one of you to cherish the people close to you, as well.

Ann, Jenni, Vidya, Prajakta and Nooreen

Ann, Jenni, Vidya, Prajakta and Nooreen

Blog written by Nooreen Dossa, Assistant Director, SHARE

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