MarketPlace participates in GlobalFest 2009

GlobalFest, a benefit for Chicago Fair Trade, was held on October 28 at the Roosevelt University.  It is an annual benefit that celebrates Fair Trade Partnerships and each year features a different region of the world, with this year’s event featuring South Asian partnerships.  In addition to food, beverages and music, we will learn of South Asian producer stories during a brief program that will also feature the presentation of Chicago Fair Trade’s second Changemaker Award.  Chicago Fair Trade is Chicago’s only coalition of businesses, non-profit organizations, faith based groups, educational institutions, and individuals who have come together as advocates for Fair Trade, increasing awareness of and support for fair trade in the Chicago metro area through education, advocacy and consumer campaigns.

The event featured a silent auction, food from local South Asian restaurants, a fashion show featuring Fair Trade clothing moderated by Pushpika Freitas, and the presentation of the Changemaker Award.  The program was emceed by Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, founder of Ambassador Organics.  The Changemaker Award was given to Cynda Perun who is a founding member of Chicago Fair Trade and has for years helped to educate the Chicago public about fair trade.

The Fair Trade Fashion Show, narrated by Pushpika, featured clothing from Marketplace, MataTraders, Fair World Treasures, and WorldFinds.  Pushpika discussed the process that the artisans go through to design and create the clothing and gave insight into MarketPlace’s mission and the artisans’ lives.

Learn more about Chicago Fair Trade:

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