A Day of Chores, Celebration, and Rest

September 27th

SUNDAY – The staff and the design artisans finally got a holiday today– but for Lalita and myself, we had a big day planned.  Unfortunately, I woke up feeling a little nauseous so she ended up doing most of the work.  I said earlier that we came home to my childhood home, but that’s not exactly true.  The flat that we grew up in had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and 2 closets for a family of 6 daughters!  I am daughter #6, and Lalita is #4.  Our sisters,  Concie (#1) and Bernadette (#3) live here in Mumbai.  Recently our old home’s property was  redeveloped and we could not afford to rent one of the new flats,  so we moved – just one block away, but it was still quite a production.  So today we did some work around the house.  We hung some of our father’s artwork  (he was an artist) on the walls, along with a collection of  various photographs, etc.   At home in Evanston, I take a hammer and nails and put up photographs myself, but not here!  We had to get a carpenter because the walls are made of strong bricks.  We also rearranged shelves in the closets, organized them, and threw out a lot of old papers and junk that had accumulated over the years.

Today was Bernadette’s (Bunny to family and friends) birthday.  She was born mentally challenged but is very self-sufficient and the most friendly, effusive and innocent 64 year-old I know.  She loves children and helps at a pre-school in the slums, loves TV and spends hours in church.  She has her own routine and is such a joy.  Our other two sisters sent gifts and all in all it was a good day.

Aside, of course, from my not feeling great.  After the celebration I couldn’t keep from napping well into the evening… so now it’s 4:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep!

One comment

  1. I find this most interesting particularly the information about the embroidery workshop since that is the thing that I like the most about your clothing.

    Also having done some sewing I did know that you need to be careful about placing pattern pieces on patterned material so that the motifs don’t show up at inopportune places (or opportune places as the case may be) on the finished product. I had never thought though that you would need to consider that when making varying sizes of the same piece of clothing since I only made one thing in one size.

    I’m enjoying the blog. Keep it coming.


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